Embassy of the Republic of Uzbekistan in Islamic Republic of Pakistan
27.04.2009 8:51

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Last week Boeing 787 Dreamliner landed at the Islam Karimov international airport in Tashkent. It successfully performed the first transatlantic non-stop flight from New York to the capital of Uzbekistan.


243 passengers were on board of Dreamliner that was piloted by aircraft commander Pavel Morgachev, flight instructor of Boeing 787 crew planning department Alexey Markin and co-pilot Ulughbek Ishmukhamedov.


The flight to New York was performed by the crew of NAC Uzbekistan Airways represented by the Deputy Director of the flight complex Sergey Kim, chief navigator of the Air Company Stanislav Gurfinkel, commander of Boeing 787 crew planning department Asadjon Tursunov, co-pilots Rustam Kurganov and Olimjon Uzakov.


“There are no other thoughts when piloting, we must always think only about the flight, so that everything was safe. The flight went well, while, of course, was a little longer than usual, but we were prepared in advance, and all went well, without any problems, passengers are satisfied. This is a new comfortable aircraft, which fully meets all international requirements. NAC crews already had experience during the ferry flight of new aircraft from the factory to the base, which, of course, contributed to the successful implementation of the non-stop flight,” shared pilot Alexey Markin.


The direct flight on the modern Boeing 787 Dreamliner on the route Tashkent- New York -Tashkent is a new era in the development of the National Air Company of Uzbekistan. Exploitation of Dreamliners in this route allows passengers of NAC Uzbekistan Airways to fly to New York with a high level of comfort and reduce the time to one hour. The time of direct flights on Dreamliner from Tashkent to New York is 12 hours, back - 11 hours.


The entire staff of the Air Company was preparing to this long-awaited event. Pilots of the Boeing 787 crew planning department were trained in London and Shanghai, and ground training was conducted in the training center of NAC. The specialists of the ground services studied immigration rules and requirements for entry and exit to the territory of the USA.


It is worth to note that with the arrival of Dreamliners to the NAC fleet became exceptional. The Air Company can flexibly use its fleet depending on demand and the situation on the air transportation market and effectively work bРѕth in the near and the most distant directions.


The pilots of Boeing 787 flight detachment successfully mastered this fundamentally new airliner for a short period of time. Boeing Corporation with a special mark noted their professionalism and high level of reliability of the aircrafts of the National Air Company O’zbekiston Havo Yo’llari. The reason for this was the absence in the activities of the national air carrier of cases of cancellation or delay of flights due to the failure of aviation equipment.


The Air Company commenced commercial operation of Boeing 787 Dreamliner in September 2016, and the first international flight was performed on September 9 to Almaty, Kazakhstan. Today, NAC Dreamliners successfully fly to Dubai, Delhi, Amritsar, Istanbul, Tel Aviv, Seoul, Frankfurt, Moscow, Kuala Lumpur and Singapore, and also via Riga to New York.

One of the main places of the National Air Company of Uzbekistan is the continuous updating and modernization of the aircraft fleet. So, contracts have already been signed with Boeing Corporation for the receipt of four more Boeing 787 Dreamliner aircrafts, their arrival is expected in 2019.