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27.04.2009 8:51

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Silk and Spice

►Uzbekistan has approved an integrated document on accelerated development of the tourist potential of Bukhara and Bukhara region for 2017-2019

One of its key objectives implies the creation of a tourist zone Qadimiy Bukhoro in the city, construction of modern low-rise hotels, cultural, recreational and shopping centers to provide conditions for a full-time round-the-clock leisure of foreign tourists.

The head of state appointed the National Bank for Foreign Economic Affairs of Uzbekistan as an authorized financial institution to ensure financing for the project, including drawing direct investments and charitable funds.

The boundaries of the new tourist zone will be determined by the end of this July, while its total territory will be at least ten hectares. All business entities and investment companies operating in the territory of Qadimiy Bukhoro will be released through to January 1, 2020, from payment of land tax, profit tax, property of legal entities, improvement and development of social infrastructure tax, single tax payment for micro firms and small businesses, mandatory contributions to state trust funds, as well as customs payments.

Another large project, to be implemented by Asaka Bank, will envisage the creation of an artisan street and an indoor market in the historical part of Bukhara, on the territory of the Shahriston market. It will comprise two-storeyed houses with traditional handicraft workshops and shops selling national souvenirs, gold embroidery articles, boos, fruits and vegetables, sweets and other products popular among tourists. All the facilities will be built using stylistic and decorative techniques in the traditions of national architecture, preserving the historical appearance.

To attract tourists, the Ministry of Culture will organize various shows, theater and concert performances reconstructing historic events, performances of folk ensembles and pop stars, fashion shows and other entertainment events in the tourist zone Qadimiy Bukhoro and other places of the city. The entire historical part of Bukhara will also provide free Wi-Fi. The head of state assigned to completely restore the Ark complex, and finalize the restoration of the destroyed part of his courtyard by 2021.

Scaled initiatives will be carried out to increase the tourist capacity of the region. The State Committee for Tourism is assigned develop a new brand for Bukhara as a unique city-museum, recognized as the pearl of the East, and organize a broad promotion campaign under the slogan ‘Holy Bukhara: The Heart of Enlightened Islam’ in 2017-2019.

It is planned to promote the new brand at ‘Silk and Spices’, ‘Qovun Sayli’, ‘City Day’, ‘Sharq Taomlari’, ‘Artisans of Bukhara’ festivals, organization of info tours for foreign tourism organizations and representatives of mass media, as well as promotion of tourism capacity on popular foreign TV channels.

The city will be landscaped concurrently. It is also planned to approve the updated detailed design of the central part of Bukhara, design a new mall street with a network of specialized souvenir and gift shops, install ATMs and terminals at tourist facilities, organize currency exchange offices and Wi-Fi- zones in popular tourist places.

Other priority plans include mapping of new tourist routes, including the development of appropriate infrastructure around Agutma Lake of the Shafirkan district, the overhaul of the Visiting Center of the ecological center Jeyran, and construction of a zoological park around it. Initiatives will focus on the development of hunting, beach and sports tourism on Korakir Lake, of Peshku district, landscaping of the Afshona museum territory, and construction of specialized home-based hospitals.

Experts expect that implementation of the initiatives in 2017-2021 would increase the volume of tourist services in the region by 2.1 times, and the number of tourists – by 1.9 times.

(Source: «Uzbekistan Today» newspaper)

►Bukhara: In Anticipation of the Silk and Spices Festival

Some changes have been made to the program of events of the Traditional Bukhara International Festival ‘Silk and Spices.’

The press office of the regional administration informed, during the last several meetings to discuss the preparation for the festival, the head of Bukhara region Uktam Barnoyev instructed to revise cardinally the approaches to the organization of the festival and start to take it to a higher level.

According to the head of the region, the upcoming event is a great opportunity to present the entire tourist, economic and industrial potential of the region. In this regard, he instructed to attract to the festival the manufacturers of textile products and representatives of services industry along with artists and cultural figures.

As for the cultural program of the festival, it can be supplemented with the performance of the National Symphonic Orchestra of Uzbekistan. Currently, this proposal is being discussed with the Ministry of Culture. It should become a particular, vivid performance that would attract the interest of both tourists and local residents.

“Costume parade will be held along the usual route - from the Ark Citadel to the Labi-Hovuz Square. From ancient times Bukhara was the place of crossing of the West and the East. We want to make our focus on this and plan to show it in interesting details,” Botir Norboyev, head of the regional administration secretariat, said. “The script is related to the creativity of Alisher Navoi and other historical characters. It will be a historical-philosophical interpretation of the creation of the works of the great Uzbek poet.”

This time, a separate, broader and larger program will be prepared for fashion contest and fashion show. It is, as always, expected the participation of the representatives of the fashion industry of Uzbekistan and other countries.

We expect that the 16th Silk and Spices Traditional Festival, May 26 - 28, will cause in its participants a lot of positive emotions and will be an important event in the cultural life of not only Bukhara, but the entire country.

(Source: «Uzbekistan Today» newspaper)

Bukhara to host Silk and Species May 26-28

Bukhara will host 16th Silk and Species, an annual food fair, on May 26-28, for local and foreign businessmen and specialists to exhibit their products.

Craftsmen will hold workshops and exhibit Uzbek trades, including rug weaving, pottery, and smithing.

The fair will also include national games: sheep and cockfights, ropewalking, and others.

The pilaf festival will bring together the best cooks from across the country to compete in the art of pilaf-making.

Kamolot, a public youth movement, and Khunarmand, the Craftsmen Association, plan to organise an atlas and adras fashion show by leading young designers.

The fair will include various concerts, among them a gala concert featuring famous and emerging artists.

(Source: UzReport.uz)