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27.04.2009 8:51

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25 Anniversary of Independence Day

Festive Congratulation by the President of Uzbekistan Islam Karimov on the Occasion of the 25th Anniversary of Independence of the Republic of Uzbekistan

Dear compatriots!

I congratulate from the bottom of my heart all of you and our entire nation on the 25th anniversary of the state independence of Uzbekistan that opened up an absolutely new page in the centuries-long history of our country, liberated our nation from the chains of despotic regime and paved the way to build a free and prosperous life.

Dear friends!

All of us are well aware that in the history of any people and any nation it was not an easy endeavor to gain independence. Our people, who deeply comprehend this truth, forever cherish in their hearts the memory of our fathers and forefathers, who showed selflessness and sacrificed their lives in this struggle.

In these very days, when we recall the transition period from the old regime, which didn’t justify itself, to a new system, we involuntarily recollect the days of hardships and difficult trials that we have gone through.

Especially, it is not difficult to imagine to what extent the situation in our republic became dangerous due to the legacy brought about by the former regime in the following examples: above all, the issue of provision completely derailed; there remained the stocks of flour to feed our people sufficient just for seven or ten days; the order and discipline became frail; various subversive and evil forces rose heads and our country found itself nearly on the brink of an abyss.

Even in that very perilous situation we didn’t turn back from the chosen path – our path of independence. Since, we understood well that showing weakness before various hardships and obstacles in such moments, when our destiny was at stake, was similar to betrayal of today’s and forthcoming generations.

It was in those very times, when our people, by demonstrating in practice their resoluteness and steadfastness, did not lose their belief in the bright and great future of our Uzbekistan and Insha’Allah will never ever lose it.

Indeed, since the early days of Independence, no matter how hard and dangerous was our situation and regardless of how busy we were with tackling the obstacles, impediments and various problems that emerged at every step, we did not stop the work on the deeply thought-out strategy corresponding today’s and future development of our country.

In achieving our great goals that we have set forward – building free and democratic state, transition to a market economy, constructing a civil society and along the path of elevating our country to the ranks of the developed states, we did not allow for rush and inconsistency, but learned the progressive world experience and didn’t blindly copy the pattern from others. In this regard, based on the idea which has a deep meaning: «The reforms are not for the sake of reforms, but for the sake of a man», we found it appropriate for ourselves and endeavored to implement the far-sighted path acknowledged in the international community as the «Uzbek model», which meets the peculiarities pertaining to our nation and local conditions.

The life itself has been proving to what extent our strategy of progress based on famous five principles, despite hard trials, turns out to be right, and how it serves as a solid foundation for the development of our country. Its confirmation can be vividly observed in the example of the task of training the new generation cadres, who meet the modern requirements. This has been our most acute and decisive issue since the early days of achieving the Independence.

If 19 years ago we didn’t reject the clichés and remnants of the past and adopt the National program for cadres training and its logical continuation – the National program for school development, if we didn’t completely change the system of education and upbringing, and if we didn’t consolidate the power and capabilities of our state and society for these purposes, then it is not difficult to imagine in what situation we would find ourselves today.

We have all grounds to speak without any hesitation: the thousands of our youth, who at present graduate from the lyceums, colleges and higher educational institutions and have a new vision of the world, enter the arena as a solid rock for us and our future, as an initiator and executor of all reforms being carried out in our country.

The timely adoption of the programs aimed at upbringing such a new generation capable to take on the future and destiny of our Motherland and taking these programs up to the level of state policy truly play a decisive role in building a new society.

We would speak the very truth if we say that during historically short period Uzbekistan – once the backward republic, which was not capable to feed and protect itself, with a lopsided economy, when the cotton monopoly reached catastrophic scales and living standards of the population went down to an extremely miserable level, has now been turning into a powerful state, which dynamically and steadily progresses and occupies a commendable place in the world community.

During the years of independence our economy grew nearly 6 times. The share of industry in its structure reached from 14 percent to 34 percent. Despite the ongoing global financial and economic crisis, for over the past 11 years the growth rates of the GDP – among the very few states – have been making up not less than 8 percent. It should be said that the calculations on the outcomes of the first half of 2016 show that this year our growth rates won’t be less than these indicators as well.

Most importantly, during the past period the health condition of our people improved. The maternal mortality decreased 3.2 times and child mortality – 3.4 times. The average life expectancy increased from 66 years to 73.5 years and among women – to 76 years. By the end of 2016 the number of our population will exceed 32 million people and it means that during the years of independence our population increased by 12 million people. All of this vividly confirms what a profound path of progress we have traversed and how the living standards and well-being of our people are growing.

All of the aforesaid is implemented, above all, thanks to heroic labor of our courageous and steadfast people. Our country with its sustainable growth rates raises admiration of the international community.

Dear compatriots!

All of us well understand that our enormous wins and achievements make up only a certain part of the goals set by us.

The rapidly changing time, the uncertainty, volatility and crisis ongoing in the world markets, the aggravation and ferocity of competition, plunging of raw prices – all of these circumstances require from all of us, and primarily, from the people holding the managerial and high-ranking posts to completely reject the old views, approaches and methods of work and adhere to a new way of thinking, elevate the system of organizing of labor and management to a modern level.

Above all, the tasks of continuation of the launched reforms in terms of democratic renewal and modernization of the country, raising its competitiveness, deepening the structural changes, reducing the state’s presence, expanding the share of private property and ensuring its priority in our economy must occupy a decisive place. Along with this, the tasks of expanding the benefits in our country to enhance the efficiency of private entrepreneurship and small business, increase the volume of foreign investments and introduce modern high technologies should always be in the focus of our attention.

Today the escalation of confrontation and contradictions in our near and far neighborhood, continuation of various conflicts and bloodshed, ever aggravation of danger of terrorism, extremism and drug trafficking cannot but concern each and every one of us, and require from all of us to live always alert and vigilant.

In such an emerging complex situation ensuring the security of Uzbekistan, maintaining the inviolability of our borders, keeping various dangers aloof from our threshold, preserving as an apple of an eye the climate of interethnic and civil accord, mutual respect, mercy and clemency reigning in our country, and implementing the noble appeal which goes: «We need peace and tranquility» must be the duty and priority task of all of us.

The main directions of the foreign policy conducted by Uzbekistan are as follows: we stand for non-interference in internal affairs of other states and resolution of all emerging conflicts and confrontations by way of peace and political negotiations.

We believe it is appropriate for us not to join any military and political blocs and alliances, not to allow for military bases of foreign states in the territory of our country and deployment of our military beyond our borders.

During the years of Independence we have been making the efforts to strengthen the ties of mutual respect based on recognition of mutual interests, above all, enhance the relations of cooperation and solidarity with our near and far neighbors, and we stand ready to continue this very policy.

Dear compatriots!

These days our entire nation is enthusiastically welcoming and applauding our young sportsmen, who secured a great victory by winning 4 gold, 2 silver and 7 bronze medals at the XXXI Summer Olympic Games in Rio de Janeiro of Brazil.  All of us have a right to say with pride and honor that the courage and devotion, skills and steadfastness, and love for our Homeland demonstrated by our brave sons in the intense contests against the leading athletes from 206 countries of the world became a real example to follow for thousands of our youth.

I express my deep and sincere gratitude to our skillful sportspeople, their parents, coaches and trainers, and all members of our national Olympic team who raised our flag high and showed the entire world that the youth of Uzbekistan are indeed not inferior to anyone.

I appeal to you, our youth and my dear children, and say: «Never give up! This time is ours! The victory is ours».

Dear compatriots!

I once again congratulate you and our entire nation on the Independence Day. I wish all of you peace and tranquility, happiness and prosperity, plenty and abundance to your homes and our beloved country.

Let Almighty support and assist us in all our noble endeavors!

Let our country be peaceful, our sky clear and our people safe and sound!

Let our Independence be eternal!

Islam Karimov,

President of the Republic of Uzbekistan


►President awards Hero of Uzbekistan titles

President of Uzbekistan Islam Karimov signed a decree on 23 August on awarding the title O‘zbekiston Qahramoni (Hero of Uzbekistan) and the Golden Star medal to four persons.

The awards have been issued for the significant achievements before the state and the people in strengthening independence of Uzbekistan, its international image, deepening reforms, self-sacrificing work and contributing to upbringing the young generation in the spirit of patriotism and devotion to the country’s people.

The new bearers of the Hero of Uzbekistan title are:

Ravshanbek Kurbanov – director of “Republican specialized cardiology centre” joint-stock company.

Sharipboy Rajabov - Head of Bogot farm of Bogot district of Khorezm region.

Erkin Ummatov – deputy head of the capital construction department of Uzbekiston temir yo’llari (Uzbekistan railways) joint-stock company- head of construction of the Angren-Pap electrified railway line.

Muhabbat Sharapova – teacher of mathematics at the specialiased boarding school #2 in Karshi, Kashkadarya region.

(Source: UzA)


►Senate to hold sixth plenary session on 24-25 August

The Kengash of the Senate of the Oliy Majlis of the Republic of Uzbekistan held a meeting on August 5, 2016, in the course of which it adopted a resolution on the convening of the sixth plenary session of Senate of Oliy Majlis of the Republic of Uzbekistan on 24-25 August 2016 in the city of Tashkent.

The senators emphasized the importance of including the report on results of activities of the Senate of Oliy Majlis of Uzbekistan over the past period and priorities for the coming years in the agenda of the plenary session of the Senate of Oliy Majlis. It is worth to note that the session will be under way on the eve of the 25th anniversary of the state independence of the Republic of Uzbekistan.

The plenary session will consider a number of laws aimed at the consistent reforming and liberalizing all spheres of public-political and socio-economic life of the country, the realization of the objectives set out in the report of the President of the Republic of Uzbekistan at the solemn meeting dedicated to the 23rd anniversary of the Constitution, including the laws "On state youth policy", "On internal affairs bodies", "On labor protection" (new edition), "On protection and use of fauna" (new edition), as well as other laws.

(Source: «Business partner.uz» newspaper)


►Salaries in Uzbekistan to grow by 15% from 1 October

President of Uzbekistan Islam Karimov signed a decree “On increasing the sizes of salaries, pensions, stipends and social allowances” on 22 August 2016.

The document was adopted at increasing income and life standards of population, as well as strengthening social support of citizens of Uzbekistan.

According to the decree, the salaries to workers of budget organizations, pensions, allowances and stipends to students will increase by 1.15 times (15%) on the average from 1 October 2016.

The following minimum sizes will be effective in Uzbekistan starting from 1 October 2016:

salaries – 149,775 soums (currency rates of CB RU from 23.08.2016, 1$= 2984.45 soums) per month;

pensions – 292,940 soums per month;

allowances for disabled from childhood – 292,940 soums per month;

allowances for elderly and work incapable citizen without the required work experience – 179,755 soums per month.

The document said that the expenses related to increasing salaries will be covered by state budget and off-budget Pension Fund under the Ministry of Finance of Uzbekistan.

The decree recommended business entities and organizations increase the salaries of their workers in line with the minimal salary, set by the document.

(Source: UzDaily.com)

►The Eco-Energy scientific-innovation center under the State Committee on Nature of Uzbekistan intends to install more than 400 mobile solar electric power stations by the end of 2016

The majority of the stations will be installed at remote enterprises of the oil, gas and chemical industries, at educational and medical establishments, at farms, mercy homes and boarding houses for the elderly located far from the main power units.

197 power stations with a capacity of 1,200 kWt have already been built since the beginning of the year in this country. The operation of only one of them within six hours per day enables to annually generate about 300 thousand kWt/hours of electricity, save more than 27,200 cubic meters of natural gas and reduce more than 51 thousand tons of the greenhouse gas emissions into the atmosphere. 

According to expert estimates, such electric power stations are capable to work not less than 10 hours per day thanks to specifics of our climate, thanks to which they can generate more than 4.38 million kWt/hours of electric energy per year.

The overall potential of solar power generation in the republic exceeds 51 billion tons of oil equivalents. The construction of the first major solar electric power station in Central Asia with a capacity of 100 MWt is currently in progress outside Samarkand.

The project is financed on account of the Asian Development Bank credit amounting to $110 million and $130 million allocated by the Fund of Reconstruction and Development of Uzbekistan. The Government of Uzbekistan assigned another $45 million and the “Uzbekenergo” - $26 million. 

(Source: «Uzbekistan Today» newspaper)

►Uzbekistan to increase production of electrical products by 5.1 times

The Committee on industry, construction and trade held a conference on "Development of electro-technical industry in Uzbekistan: status and prospects".

The event was attended by deputies of the Legislative chamber of Oliy Majlis of Uzbekistan, representatives of ministries and departments, heads of enterprises, members of the JSC “Uzeltehsanoat” and employees of the mass media.

The conference discussed the stages of development and achievements in the electrical industry over the years of independence, the current state of the industry and prospects of development of the electrical industry.

Speakers at the conference noted that the electrical industry is one of the most developing branches of the Republic. If in 2005 the volume of production in this industry amounted to 80 billion soums (currency rates of CB RU from 03.08.2016, 1$= 2969.43 soums), in 2015 it reached 1 trillion 300 billion soums. In 2015 and in the first half of 2016, the industry made a delivery of the produced goods worth over 1.5 trillion soums to different sectors of the economy, in particular, to companies of the energy, oil and gas enterprises, enterprises of mining and metallurgical industry and enterprises of the social sphere.

To date, the company has some 50 enterprises operating within its structure, specialized in the production of cable, electrical, household appliances. 27 enterprises of the system are engaged in export of competitive products to the countries of Central Asia, the CIS and other foreign countries.

The diversification of production in the period 2005-2015 has greatly increased the output. In particular, if in 2005 the share of products of home appliances accounted for 3.7% in 2015 it made up 29%.

At the event, special attention was paid to prospects of development of the electrical industry. In accordance with the Branch development program, until 2030 it is planned to utilize $1 billion, to establish the production of 22 new products, and at the expense of modernization of all enterprises to increase the volume of production of finished products by 5.1 times. In the period 2016-2019 the company plans to implement 95 investment projects for the sum of $295 million. As a result of the implementation of these projects, it is expected to create about 5 thousand new jobs.

The conference participants exchanged views on the need for further improvement of legislation in the field of electrical industry, strengthening the system of staff training, the introduction of modern corporate governance mechanisms.

(Source: UzReport.uz)



►Building Complex of Uzbekistan: Building from Domestic Stuff

In a short time, the domestic construction materials industry has done a big job by replacing imported products with quality and cheaper construction materials. Uzbekistan has scheduled dozens more tasks in the coming years. Deputy Chairman of Uzstroymaterialy Company Abdurahman Mahamadiyev has introduced UT into the course of the industry development:

“In 1991, the enterprises under Uzstroymaterialy produced only 48 kinds of products worth 1.28 billion soums (currency rates of CB RU from 02.08.2016, 1$= 2969.43 soums), or the equivalent of $36.7 million, while the production volumes and product range have much increased over the past 25 years. Moreover, they established the production of energy-saving, import substituting and export-oriented kinds of construction materials. In 2015 alone, they supplied customers with products at 2.2 trillion soums, or $760.1 million. In general, the production volumes in the industry over the years of independence have increased by 20.7 times.

Today, more than 6,000 domestic companies produce construction materials. Quartz JSC with 10 million square meters of glass per year, the joint venture Bukharagips with the annual output of 60,000 tons of dry mixes, Knauf Gyps Bukhoro foreign enterprise with the capacity of 20 million square meters of plasterboard, Moderna Ceramic Industries Fergana JV producing 3,5 million square meters of tiles, and others, rank among the largest producers.

More than 900 enterprises of the sector launched the production of 3.6 billion pieces of wall materials, brought the production of ceramic tile from 6 million pieces up to 11 million per year, and annual volumes of cement production increased from 3.6 million to 8.2 million tons.

The construction materials industry has turned into one of the most attractive sectors for foreign investors. The total amount of investments over the past decades has exceeded $270 million.

Year by year, the company has been gaining pace through the implementation of new investment projects. Last year, the ARM Composite company launched the production of fiberglass, Maftus private enterprise – the manufacture of wallpaper, and Prime Ceramics - ceramic tiles. Uzmetkombinat company in Bekobod commissioned the production line of thermal insulation materials with the capacity of 10,000 tons.

Under the Investment Program for 2016, it is planned to implement another six projects worth $14.31 million. Generally, it envisages the implementation of eight projects totaling $30.1 million.

The introduction of modern quality management systems to enhance the competitiveness and export potential of products is another focal point. They have certified 30 enterprises with ISO 9001: 2008. In 2016-2017, it is planned to introduce the system in another seven enterprises, and ISO 50001 energy management system in two enterprises.

Export capacity has been remarkably expanding. In 1991-2016, 50 companies of the industry have exported goods at a total of $885 million. As part of further expansion of exports, certain steps have been taken on the establishment of dealer networks and offices in Turkmenistan, Kazakhstan, Kyrgyzstan, Russia and Azerbaijan.


►The real sector of Uzbekistan's economy has been demonstrating striking examples of successful strategy that was chosen in the years of independence

Electrical industry has occupied a special place with rapid development over the past 25 years.

The examples are everywhere around: today, 47 personal computers, 31 air-conditioners, 234 mobile phones fall to 100 families in Uzbekistan, and most of them are produced domestically. In 1994, the volume of industrial products totaled 800 million soums (currency rates of CB RU from 01.08.2016, 1$= 2964.03 soums), and their share in gross industrial output was only 0.3%, while in 2005 the number reached 3.7%, and 28.9% - in 2015.

It is noteworthy that domestic electrical products easily compete with their counterparts in the international market owing to high quality. 27 Uzbek enterprises export their products to the UK, the United Arab Emirates, Georgia, Azerbaijan, Afghanistan, Kyrgyzstan, Kazakhstan and other countries. Last year, they carried out export operations at $167.7 million, which is 72% more than in 2010.

The last five years have been crucial in the development of the industry, despite the fact that the production of electrical appliances ranks among the most difficult industries. More than 25 kinds of previously imported electrical goods were localized, thereby filling the domestic market with ‘Made in Uzbekistan’ branded electrical appliances by 40-45%.

“Forty projects are currently being implemented under the localization program. In the first quarter of the current year, the implementation of several projects has empowered the production of import-substituting products at 74.4 billion soums. Benefits and preferences have been contributing to the installation of high-tech production lines. Over the past two years, Uzbek enterprises have launched the production of LCD and LED-TVs, new models of household washing machines, electric ovens and stoves, other appliances, LED lamps, air conditioners and refrigerators,” said the Head of the O’zeltehsanoat Company Abdurashid Mirjalilov.

According to him, the level of localization in this area has reached 40%. However, this is not the limit. It is planned to produce the latest models of D-LED-TVs, computer monitors, refrigerators, electric motors, photovoltaic power plants, smart phones and more by 2019.

The positive changes have been contributing to the growth of the export capacity of the industry, promoting its diversification. For example, companies previously exported only cable products and power transformers, while today the volume of exports of other products has increased to 14%.

The role of small businesses in the development of the electrical industry is invaluable, the more so they are now equipped with the cutting edge tools, and manufacture marketable goods on the basis of innovative technologies. To this end, the O’zeltehsanoat company has done much to support the private sector, thereby paving the way for the establishment of 20 specialized enterprises. In 2015, these and other businesses produced finished goods at 618 billion soums.


►President of Uzbekistan visits Surkhandarya and Kashkadarya

On 30 June, the President of the Republic of Uzbekistan Islam Karimov visited Surkhandarya region to evaluate the ongoing social-economic reforms, as well as creative and beautification work in the field.

Similar to other regions, the Surkhandarya region underwent huge updates and transformations over the years of independence. The appearance of towns and villages has radically changed, the standard of living of people has been improved. Surkhandarya, which once was a land only for agricultural products, today the regions is developing its industry direction as well. New enterprises equipped with modern technology are operating throughout the regions, small business and private entrepreneurship are developing.

The results of such huge changes and renewal can be seen in the example of success achieved. In the first quarter of 2016, the growth of the gross regional product amounted to 8.4 percent, industrial production - 7.6, the cultivation of agricultural products - 7.4, construction and contracting jobs – 11.5 percent. As a result of the consistent development of small business and private entrepreneurship, their share in the gross regional product amounted to 57.4 percent. Creating an optimal business environment in the private sector, providing numerous incentives and preferences ensure dynamic development of small business and private entrepreneurship. In the first quarter of current year, there were about five hundred small businesses established in the region. Commercial banks allocated about 180 billion soums (currency rates of CB RU from 04.07.2016, 1$= 2943.46 soums) of loans towards the development of the private sector.

In anticipation of the celebration of the 25th anniversary of the independence of our country, it is planned to implement 241 new projects. LLC “Janub Kuyoshi” of Termez district, where the volume of investments made up 4.2 billion soums, mastered the production of milk powder, cheese and yogurt by processing 1.2 million tons of milk per year. The company “Gold Dried Fruits” at the expense of investments in the amount of three million dollars will commission a line for drying of 30 thousand tons of agricultural products and modern storage.

Islam Karimov's visit to Termez began with an introduction to the Memory square.

The square, erected in the framework of the implementation of the presidential decree on measures on the further development of road-transport, engineering-communication and social infrastructure covers two hectares, has all the conditions for honoring the memory of ancestors, respect for people of venerable age. Here there is a monument of the Grieving mother. The square is planted with various ornamental trees and flowers. It has ayvans constructed within, special books made of aluminum, where the names of Surhandarya people who were killed in the Second World War are inscribed with golden letters.

The head of state highlighted the importance of this area in enhancing the spirituality of our people, the education of the young generation in the spirit of devotion to the Motherland, respect for national values and traditions.

The successful work on the creation of such complexes is yet another glaring manifestation of the boundless respect for the memory of ancestors, said Islam Karimov. We feel a sense of pride for our fathers and grandfathers, who sacrificed their lives for our peaceful, quiet days, and it is our sacred duty to always remember their glorious names.

The head of our state stressed that for the future livability of this area, giving it even more beauty, it is necessary to plant more trees and flowers, appropriate to climatic conditions. It would be appropriate to create a modern nursery for the cultivation of tulip tree, as these unique trees help cleanse the air, providing a microclimate.

– Old and young visit this area, which has become a comfortable place where we honor the memory of our ancestors and hold various events, – said the Deputy Chairman of the regional branch of the charitable Fund “Mahalla” Orzikul Soatov. – It is important to acknowledge the importance of today's peaceful days, happy life, especially in the education of the younger generation in the spirit of love to Homeland, devotion to ideas of independence.

Under the leadership of our President, particular attention is being paid to ensuring a decent standard of living of our people, leisure and cultural activities. Built in Termez, beautiful Palace of arts is a prime example.

The construction works must be undertaken in compliance with the requirements of the present day. In this process, it is necessary to carefully work out the project, to choose experienced contractors who can effectively use the modern technology. Importantly, during the construction of these magnificent structures, it is necessary to use modern building materials, to pay particular attention to the modern design. Erected such structures will please not only the present but future generations as well, said Islam Karimov.

Currently, there are more than 12 thousand farms operating in the region. This year, the farmers of the region who grow crops on 98 thousand hectares, have exceeded the contractual obligations to deliver grain. The yield made up 54 quintals per hectare. All agricultural activities are in full swing in the cotton fields. Farms and private household plots grow fruit and vegetable culture, melons, which are supplied to local markets and exported. Over the expired period of this year, the workers of the fields exported fruit and vegetable products worth $27.3 million.

The head of our state visited the farm fields “Yangiarik Pakhtakor” of Termez district, talked to the activists and farmers of the region.

Our President at the meeting with the farmers drew particular attention to the need for effective use of modern technology in the care of crops, the cultivation of promising varieties and further increase their yield, growth of export potential of the region.

For Surkhandarya region this year was very successful, said the President of our country. This can be seen in the fact that farmers of the region raised a huge hirman of 670 thousand tons of grain and one of the first in the country fulfilled contractual obligations.

The members of this farm cultivated grains at 23.5 hectares and gathered a rich harvest. Experienced farmer Ibodulla Davlatov exceeded contractual obligations to deliver grain.

– The farm movement has become the main factor of our prosperous and successful life, - I. Davlatov said. – We see it in a radical change of our life, well-being and prosperity. We build houses, buy cars, arrange weddings for children. We strive to efficiently use every inch of land. We signed a contract on exports of peanut and mung bean. Launched a few days ago electrified railway Angren-PAP has opened up new possibilities to deliver our goods in the Ferghana valley, it has become more affordable. We are immensely grateful to our President – the initiator of the construction of these historic structures.

Islam Karimov visited the complex of Hakim at-Termizi in Termez.

The President gave appropriate recommendations for the restoration of the complex of Hakim at-Termizi, noted the need to use the unique traditions of the oasis and modern architectural styles in this process.

In the second part of the day, the President arrived in Kashkadarya region.

The economic potential of Kashkadarya region has been significantly increased over the years of independence. The initiative of our President contributed to the erection of such modern industries as Shurtan gas chemical complex, unitary subsidiary enterprise "Mubarekneftegaz", Dehkanabad potash fertilizer plant, Talimarjan thermal power plant. Such joint enterprises as “Gissarneftegas”, “Kokdumalakgaz”, “Shurtangazmakhsulot” has been commissioned.

The gross regional product of the region is consistently increasing. In 2015, this figure rose by 5.4 percent, while in the first quarter of this year, the increase has already made up 5.6 percent.

The decree of the President on the Program for development of the industrial potential of Kashkadarya region in 2013-2016, dated 2 August 2013, brought the development of the region to a new level. The document has become a basis for successful implementation of 598 projects, the establishment of new businesses, and the creation of more than 11 thousand new jobs.

In connection with the 2,700th anniversary of the cities of Karshi and Shakhrisabz, the region has even more changed, became more beautiful and comfortable. This work is continued. The appearance of towns and villages has been radically changed, the standard of living of the population has been improved.

Extensive work is under way in the region on the basis of the decision of the head of state on the prospective development plan of the city of Karshi and the programme for development of modern road-transport communications.

The territory of the Karshi has been expanded from 9 thousand hectares to 17 thousand. New roads and bridges, high-rise buildings, paths and gardens, facilities and services have been built and constructed.

The new 56-kilometer ring road is being built in the region, in order to improve the road transport infrastructure. 6 modern overpasses and bridges are being erected tt the intersections of streets, railways and rivers. This will ensure the purity of urban air quality and increase traffic safety.

The President of our country visited the totally reconstructed Karshi railway station.

Implemented in accordance with the decree of the President the project “Electrification of the railway section Marakand-Karshi” is another vivid example of special attention of our country to the development of transport infrastructure. The section of the railway line Marakand-Karshi with the length of nearly 141 km, in accordance with the decree is now fully electrified.

On the eve of the 24th anniversary of independence, high-speed train “Afrosiyob” on August 22, 2015, made its first trip to Karshi.

The President of our country, inspecting the station building gave relevant recommendations for further improvement of its appearance, the design of the portal buildings with traditional Kashkadarya ornament, creating a more comfortable environment for passengers.

Islam Karimov visited the Central stadium “Nasaf”.

This stadium with a capacity of 16 thousand spectators complies with international standards. It can host competitions at national and international level.

Islam Karimov gave the necessary recommendations for the reconstruction of the stadium, further improving conditions and facilities for athletes and spectators, strengthening the security measures

The President of our country visited the chimes, constructed at the intersections of streets Mustakillik and Uzbekistan.

Chimes, with almost 30-meter in height, is decorated white marble in the national style. A large-scale construction and repair work has been done in order to create convenience and safety of pedestrians and vehicles.

Most of our country's cities are ancient, but in spite of this, they have a modern look. Each city is distinguished by its unique originality. Based on this, each city should have such unique squares that cannot be found in any other place. Such chimes and the area around it form the unique appearance of Karshi, said Islam Karimov. In the implementation of design works and construction of roads and buildings, it is necessary to take into account the prospects of development of the city.

The head of our state visited the alley at Mustakillik street.

In order to create even more convenience for residents and guests of the city, providing microclimate, the square has modern fountains of different shapes and sizes. They create a pleasant coolness, in the evenings they shimmer with a colorful backlight. According to experts, out of 50 fountains planned to be built in Karshi, 28 of them are already functioning.

The President gave the necessary recommendations for further improvement of the image of the city, creating more comfortable conditions for recreation, beautification and landscaping.

During the last year a trip to Kashkadarya region, Islam Karimov gave the necessary recommendations for the reconstruction of the historic bridge of Amir Temur, the transformation of Kashkadarya riverbank into a recreation area.

Since that time, this area saw large-scale creative and beautification works. The Bridge of Amir Temur has been reconstructed on the basis of modern requirements. Three new dams were put into commission on the Kashkadarya river. A beautiful alley has been erected were old buildings once stood. As for kids, they now have the opportunity to play at modern park amusements. In addition, 14 cottages, 4 cafe-bars, playgrounds, 4 sports fields with artificial turf have been built. The landscaped area covered 24 hectares, more than 4 thousand of decorative trees and shrubs have been planted.

The President of our country inspected this bridge and alley.

In the period of the former regime, Kashkadarya region was one of the backward regions. People were depressed, dissatisfied with their lives. At that time, being the head of the region, I often used to listen to people's problems, to see lots of people with bitterness and resentment saying: “When will our life improve, when will we see the real life?”. And now, those long-awaited days have come. Due to the independence, the selfless work of our people, our country is becoming more beautiful and comfortable, people are happy with their lives, confident in the future. Modern conditions created today are the practical embodiment of our lofty goal – we do not inferior to anyone in anything and will not concede, said Islam Karimov.

The head of state gave the necessary guidelines for the consistent continuation of work on construction and landscaping, to further improving the look of Karshi, creating even more convenience for people.

(Source: UzReport.uz)



The headquarters of the United Nations in New York disseminates an information about the results achieved by our republic in social and economic spheres since independence as an official document of the General Assembly 70th session of the six official languages of the organization.

The document says that the basis of the national model of reform and development of Uzbekistan developed by President Islam Karimov taking into account the socio-economic potential of the country, the history of our nation state, national values and international experience, it was formed five basic principles of transition to a socially-oriented free market economy.

"Thanks to the implementation of Uzbekistan's own model of modernization and renewal of society known as the Uzbek model of development and consistent implementation of large-scale reforms in all sectors and spheres the structure of the economy has been radically changed and a solid foundation has been established for sustainable growth. For a historically short period of time the economy grew in the five and a half times. The gross domestic product (GDP) per capita at purchasing power parity grew four times during this period. Since 2005, the state budget is being executed with a surplus that contributes to macroeconomic stability " - the document says.

In addition, it is stated that sustainable economic growth and the balance of the main indicators achieved by Uzbekistan, especially during the most acute phase of the global financial and economic crisis, show the effectiveness and efficiency of the most important priorities and areas of socio-economic development of the country.

In addition, the material informs that the volume of annual capital expenditures consistently exceed 23 percent of GDP, which provides the basis for economic growth in the future. Currently, more than 60 percent of industrial output fall to the share of high-tech industries which was created almost "from zero" during the years of independence of the country and is producing competitive products with high added value in the global market.